IT managed servicesTerry L. Hines, CompuTouch Inc.’s founder is a leading enterprise services consultant. He has decades of experience in helping organizations navigate the maze of high-level IT design. As a sought-after IT trainer, he began observing the same pattern emerge in every organization, regardless of size, budget or industry: budgets are never big enough, employees lack comprehensive training, and management is too busy putting out “fires” to proactively work on new projects and process streamlining.

Terry and his team are experts at helping enterprises solve these problems with a custom managed services plan. By moving from the old, outdated IT ownership model and towards a low risk, agile IT partnership, companies can save money and alleviate the maintenance of complex systems. Rather than investing in enterprise level networking or data solutions, companies can choose pay-as-you-go models that allow them to quickly scale up or down as demand grows or wanes. This smart move allows organizations to allocate IT investment capital to other areas of the business, resulting in lower operational costs and maximizing potential for growth.

This flexible model also allows businesses to migrate to new technologies without making costly acquisitions that aren’t guaranteed to product results. With high levels of support, CompuTouch Inc.’s dedicated team will ensure that your migration is seamless, so your company can continue serving your customers. The results are unmistakable: increased productivity, decreased IT expenses, and lower maintenance.

If you’re ready to make the switch and begin reaping immense benefits, get in touch with our enterprise professionals today. The CompuTouch team offers customized, enterprise-level managed service in the following areas:

  • IP Networking
  • Data Center Management
  • Communications
  • MPLS
  • Cloud
  • Wireless