Business Intelligence

Business continuityBI, or Business Intelligence, is an essential technology for businesses of all sizes and industries. Raw, unstructured data within your organization holds critical insight that will help you make the best operational and strategic decisions. Internal documents including sales orders, purchase agreements, employee information, operational expenses and budgets can be aggregated and analyzed to help you find places for cost savings, redundancies and organizational opportunities. External data, or information from your industry, competitors, market landscape, and customers, along with economic reports and financial predictions can be examined and used to find new markets to expand into, or can warn of over-saturation.

The sum of this data can transform your company, removing risk from strategic decisions and helping you to save money across all departments. CompuTouch Inc. offers data mining, complex event processing and text mining to help you collect and organize your data. Their team of specialists take your data a step further through analytics and forecasting, offering business performance management, benchmarking, reporting, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics.

Aggressive investments in business analytics can offer transformative benefits for your enterprise. Take the guesswork out of pricing and marketing, or easily highlight new business opportunities. Contact our BI team now.